Compensation for short flights

up to 1.500 Km (e.g. Frankfurt – Rom)

Compensation for medium-haul flights

1.500 – 3.500 Km (e.g. Frankfurt – Barcelona)

Compensation for long-haul flights

> 3.500 Km (e.g. Frankfurt – New York)

* minus 25% commission (incl. VAT) corresponds to 187.50€ / 300.00€ / 450.00€

20. Juli, 2022.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Nach einer Flugverspätung hatte ich keine Lust auf den Stress mit der Airline und habe das Latefly klären lassen. Super unkompliziert und schnell habe ich die Erstattung erhalten. Auch die Kommunikation zwischen latefly und mir lief problemlos ab. Danke! Flight Late?—> latefly
Nathalie Misczychowski
Nathalie Misczychowski
6. Juli, 2022.
Super hilfreicher Service! Ich habe dank ihnen total schnell und einfach mein Geld von der Airline wieder bekommen. Sehr freundliches und kompetentes Team. Besten Dank!
F. Wüste
F. Wüste
2. Juli, 2022.
Super Portal um seine Ansprüche auf Erstattung geltend zu machen.
2. Juli, 2022.
Super einfach und schnell. Top Service und ein tolles Team. Immer wieder gerne. Bester Anbieter in diesem Thema.
Freddy Lu
Freddy Lu
2. Juli, 2022.
Sehr kompetente Firma.

How it works

1. Check

Our system checks in seconds whether you have claims.

2. Gaining

If you have claims, we will contact the airline and claim them for you!

3. Cash out

As soon as the airline pays, you will receive the money from us via instant bank transfer.

4. Planting

After you receive your money, we will donate a tree!

Almost 100% success rate

Why Late-Fly?

The idea of ​​the passenger rights regulation EU 261 is actually that companies like Late-Fly have no reason to exist! The regulation regulates exactly how an airline has to behave if inconsistencies occur during the trip.
Unfortunately, experience shows that airlines tend to take insufficient care of the rights of affected passengers.

Passengers are often not informed about their rights to food and accommodation, nor about the compensation payments.

Even if there are airlines that dutifully take care of their passengers, it remains a tiresome matter to fight your way through the paragraph jungle of the regulation on your own and to enforce your claims yourself.

But since this jungle is our daily bread, it is more like a well-laid out garden for us. The assertion of your claims is therefore very easy for us and saves you a lot of time and nerves.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much is the compensation for delays?

Flights up to 1.500 km and more than 3 h delay: 250,-€*.

Flights up to 3,500 km and more than 3 hours delay: 400€*

Flights from 3.500 km and more than 3 h delay: 600,-€*.

*minus our comission

2. Does the departure time or the arrival time count?

It depends!

Basically you get the flat rates in the amount of 250/400/600€ only if you arrive 3 hours late.
However, there are also compensations for delayed departures in the form of meal vouchers for food and drink within the airport.
If the departure is postponed to the next morning, you will also receive a voucher for the taxi and hotel. Simply request this at the respective service point of the airline.

3. How much is our commission?

Our commission is 25 % incl. VAT. This is lower than what most providers of similar services charge.

Calculation example: We keep €62.50 of the €250 and pay you €187.50.

4. How much compensation is there in the event of cancellation?

In the event of cancellation, the airline must ensure that you get alternative transport as quickly and as well as possible. However, this often means that the flight takes place much later or even the next day. You are entitled to the following in the event of cancellation:

– Next possible replacement flights

– meals and Overnight stay in a hotel (incl. taxi to the hotel & back)

– In the event of a correspondingly late arrival, the flat rates of 250/400/600,-€*

*minus our comission

5. Do I also get compensation for package tours?

According to the passenger rights regulation EU 261/2004, other claims for damages remain unaffected by the assertion of the flat-rate compensation payments. In other words:

Even if you have booked a package tour and you are receiving a refund or discount from the travel agency, you can claim the compensation of 250/400/600,-€ additionally. In addition, you can also get compensation for the shortened vacation or other inconveniences! Just ask us personally and we will clarify this on a case-by-case basis.

6. Overbooked flights

It often happens that flights are overbooked! As a result, some of the passengers simply cannot be transported. You can tell that there is such a situation by looking at the SBY on your ticket. This means “standby” and is usually written where your seat should be.

Denied boarding against your will is treated in the same way as a canceled flight. So see point 5 in this FAQ.

7. Which flights does all this apply to?

In principle, the EU regulation applies to the following cases:

– Your flight is not older than 3 years (statute of limitations)

– Your flight was operated by an EU airline

– Your flight was not operated by an EU airline (e.g. Turkish Airlines), but started from an EU airport, e.g. BER to IST (note, does not apply to the reverse, i.e. IST to BER)

– There was no extraordenary circumstances (see FAQ 8.)

8. Are there exceptions? Is there a chance to get nothing?

As with everything in life, there are exceptions! These are usually present when the airlines are not responsible for the delay or cancellation of the flight!

The classic example of this is “extraordinary circumstances” in the form of storms.

As another example from nowadays you can take the corona regulations! For example, if you can’t provide a valid PCR test or proof of vaccination, then it’s your fault and you get nothing!

9. Do I get compensation per person or per booking?

The compensation is per person! No distinction is made as to whether minor children are included.

Example: Mom and dad with two kids, delayed on the trip to Mallorca = 4 x 400€ so 1.600€ minus the aforementioned commission.